How to Observe and Celebrate Memorial Day

Memorial Day | Ft Lupton, CO

While Memorial Day comes as a day off of work for many people, it’s about much more than that! Here’s how you can observe Memorial Day and honor its history all while having fun!


Giving back to your community is a thoughtful way to honor those who gave their lives. You can look for local veteran organizations, or simply volunteer your time to a local cause you know needs help, like a soup kitchen or senior center.

Family BBQ

Get your family together for a BBQ to celebrate Memorial Day! Being together with those you love (and food you love) can be a great way to celebrate, especially if you’re taking the time to talk, laugh, and appreciate each other.

Moment of Remembrance

No matter how you’re celebrating Memorial Day, you should take part in the national moment of remembrance, which occurs every year at 3:00 p.m. local time. Take this moment to think about the reason behind Memorial Day.

Decorate in a Thoughtful Way

Whether you’re having family over or volunteering, think about decorating the exterior of your house in a thoughtful way. If you have a flag, whether it’s on an upright flagpole or flag bracket on your house, bring it down to half mass until noon, a Memorial Day tradition that acknowledges fallen soldiers.

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