How to Improve Fuel Efficiency

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Looking to improve fuel efficiency in your Chevrolet? You might be able to get more out of each gallon of gas if you’re not already following these tips for saving on fuel!

Inflate the Tires

Inflating your tires to the PSI recommended in your owner’s manual is a key step in ensuring optimal efficiency. What’s more, it helps preserve the life of your tires, saving you money in the long run.

Get Regular Service

Maintaining your Chevrolet with services like oil changes both helps your vehicle to last longer and also helps it to run better in the meantime. This means that it will help deliver the best fuel economy from your Chevy, so don’t skip your regular maintenance!

Don’t Idle

If you’re planning to idle for longer than a minute, turn off your car. Idling wastes more gas than restarting your vehicle and also pollutes the air unnecessarily.

Clean Your Car

Significant extra weight in your vehicle will increase fuel consumption. If you’ve been carrying some heavy cargo in the trunk of your Chevy, it’s time to take it out to help you cut back on fuel usage.

Brake Lightly

The more you use the brakes the more gas you will use. Find ways to cut down on braking, whether that means coming to gradual stops or anticipating the speed of traffic to avoid riding the brakes on the highway.

If you want to upgrade to a more efficient vehicle, we’ve got plenty of options in stock at Purifoy Chevrolet.

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