Fall Camping Tips



Fall is a beautiful time to take a weekend camping trip. Crisp mornings and warm afternoon sun are perfect for hiking, and in many parts of the country, the colorful foliage is an unbeatable backdrop. If you’re planning a fall camping trip, use these cool-weather camping tips to make it perfect.


Use a tarp


Bring a tarp to place underneath your tent for extra insulation and protection from moisture. Fold the tarp so that it fits the exact dimensions of your tent floor. Any extra tarp sticking out will collect water.


Pack a fire starter


Fall showers and moist weather can make it very challenging to start a fire when you need to. Bring a fire starter in case you need it and read up on naturally flammable resources like birch bark, which can come in handy in a pinch.


Wear layers


You want to stay warm and cozy when you’re outdoors on a fall evening but feel cool and ventilated when hiking or participating in other activities. To make this work, you can rely on some must-have clothing like moisture wicking thermal underwear, waterproof shoes, a rain jacket, and plenty of layers, gloves, and hats.


Bring a light for the evening


It gets dark earlier in the fall, which means you’ll likely have several hours of darkness before bedtime. Bring a good camping lantern and some flashlights to prepare for those hours. This will allow you to cozy up to a book by the fire, or to eat dinner in the dusk.


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