Things to Do in Fort Lupton

To Do in Fort Lupton

Fort Lupton is a small, cozy city. With a location just north of Denver, it offers the best of quaint, small-town living next to big city adventure. If you’re looking for things to do in Fort Lupton, this guide will give you a few great places to start.

Flagstaff Mountain

If you’re visiting Colorado, you’re probably looking for an amazing hike. Flagstaff Mountain might be just the place for you. This challenging, fun hike will reward you with an amazing view of Boulder Valley. It’s just a 50-minute drive from Fort Lupton. And, when you’re finished hiking you can find some great food and beers in Boulder for dinner.

Denver Art Museum

If you want a day in the city, Denver is less than 45 minutes away from Fort Lupton. There you’ll find all sorts of attractions, including the Denver Art Museum. This huge museum houses more than 70,000 works of art, so give yourself plenty of time to browse.

Fort Lupton Museum

If you want something that’s 100 percent Fort Lupton, the Fort Lupton Museum is your next stop. This proud museum does its best to preserve the history of Fort Lupton, using information like cemetery records, business documents, and historic photos to paint a picture of this old city’s history.

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